Remote Recruiting Services, DEBRA LLC

Debra provides full search and hiring services for both short or long-term basis which allows the flexibility and commitment that a professional firm can provide. And has the resources, experience, and extensive reach of a large global search firm. Debra was founded on the principle that: “We work for you!”

For companies or entrepreneurs who are a bit limited with their financial resources, We can also solve your temporary staffing needs on a short or long-term basis.

Whether you need to fill a position that is open due to vacation coverage, family medical leave, disability, increased volume, special projects, or market uncertainty. Or for example, you would need 5 developers for a one-year period project. You basically hire Debra to put together an agile team in Ukraine and don’t need to worry about the rest of the issues. You manage your programmers from abroad, while Debra takes care of all of the other administrative, legal, financial issues.

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